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About the company

podjetje-ilezThe beginning of professional activities in woodworking in our family goes back to 1870, when our ancestors produced furniture in a workshop in Solkan.

We have accidentally shifted our traditional carpentry business into the production of triangular toothpicks in 1966. Through market research we discovered the triangular shape of a toothpick and the related manufacturing process was a novelty in the world, and so we patented the triangular shape of a toothpick as well as its manufacturing process and got patents at home and abroad for our inventions. The brand and the specific package are also protected.

priznanja-ilezWe received numerous honours, the award of the research community for our successful innovative work, and the Chambers of Commerce degree in the business regulation.

Innovation activity, which is an integral part of core business, allows for toothpicks to be produced automatically from the source material up to the packaging, and this is why the "DODI" toothpicks are hygienically manufactured and packed hygienically. This method of manufacture allows for consumers to get into their hands a really hygienic toothpick. Environmentally friendly material is used in the production and packaging. Toothpicks have a safety assessment and compliance, issued by the Public Health Institute of Republic of Slovenia.

In March 2008, we introduced the labelling of all sales, commercial and transport units in our firm, thus enabling the tracking and traceability of all products that are manufactured and administered to the market, in accordance with Regulation (ES) no. 1935/2004 and 2023/2006. The company is also registered with the Health Inspectorate of the RS in accordance with the Official Gazette of RS no. 57/2008.

Franica and Silvan Batistič


Vipavska cesta 71, Rožna dolina
5000 Nova Gorica
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Telephone: +386 5 33 34 090
Fax: +386 5 33 34 091

E-mail: ilez@siol.net
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“DODI” toothpicks 70/1
in a plastic base, individually wrapped
“DODI” toothpics 100/1
in a pot, individually wrapped
“DODI” toothpics 200/1
in a box with a compartment, individually wrapped
“DODI” toothpics 200/1
hygienically produced and hygienically wrapped
“DODI” toothpics 1000/1
in a box with a compartment, individually wrapped
“DODI” toothpics 2000/1
in a box, individually wrapped
“DODI” toothpics 6000/1
with imprinted logo, individually wrapped